Chairman's Report - Chairman's Report 2010


Halford Parish Council
Chairman's Report
Cllr Neil Liddell

Parish Assembly May 5th 2010

Quality Status Council
The Parish council continues to hold its 'Quality Status'. We have to demonstrate that we are representative, in touch with our community, competent and capable of taking on an enhanced role. This enables projects and initiatives which reflects the need and preferences of the villagers to be more easily realised. It also allows the PC to represent you with greater authority. For example when pushing for grants for the 'Village Image' programme.

Millennium Garden
The PC put the question of the millennium gardens future up for discussion. Meetings were held which resulted with many differing ideas. The villages agreed that the PC should put together three ideas and put them before the parishioners at a future meeting.
Three schemes were put to the village and voting took place to determine the favoured option. Landscaping commenced soon after the decision was declared and today we have a partially laid lawn area while retaining some planted areas.

Drain Jetting.
Continual negotiations with the County Council regarding the clearance of flood drains took place throughout the year. We are pleased to announce that after a great deal of badgering the drains have now been cleaned.

Green Areas
The problem of parking on verges and leaving refuse bin out on the road has been brought to the attention of those involved. The PC is optimistic that these problems will be resolved in the near future.

Burial Land
The PC is responsible for providing land for burials, existing land will not last forever and a careful long term plan has been in place for many years. As such we paid 10.000.00 towards the extension to the existing Burial Ground within the Church environs. Works are now virtually completed and this investment should see us through to 2030

The Parish Council have had burial land funds that were carefully built up and invested over many years available for such a time as this.

Village Image.
Since the villagers participation in the 'Big C- Consultation' a deep recession has hit the country and our plans have been severely curtailed.

Following the Stratford Area Committee meeting where our modest request for 25,000.00 to undertake the village improvements was made. I have to report our request for funding from the Area Committee Delegated Budget for 2010/2011 was unsuccessful.

The Stratford Area Committee is under extreme budgetary constraints, both from the recent winter weather conditions and the current economic climate, and the Area Committee has had to prioritise within the limited budget that has been made available to them. A number of requests were put forward for consideration at the meeting, and each request was thoroughly discussed and considered.
The request for 25,000 to carry forward again to next years Stratford Area Committee Seminar in January 2011.

Working with others
The Parish Council has enjoyed working with other organisations from the village. The W.I. and the Church council have both enjoyed the support of the Parish Council. A village tide in June is another event we will be supporting in June.