Chairman's Report - Chairman's Report 2013


Halford Parish Council

Chairman's Report

Cllr Colin Black

Parish Assembly April 24th 2013

I am pleased to present my third report to our Parish Assembly. I feel sure it must soon be someone else's turn to do this soon!


Despite all the government cutbacks and pressure on public services I am pleased that we have again been able to hold the 2013 Precept at the same level as the previous year.

Quality Status Council

The Parish council continues to hold its 'Quality Status'. We have to demonstrate that we are representative, in touch with our community, competent and capable of taking on an enhanced role. This enables projects and initiatives which reflects the need and preferences of the villagers to be more easily realised. It also allows the Council to represent you with greater authority.

Roads and Drainage

Continual negotiations with the County Council take place regarding minor repairs to weather damaged roads. A number of important problems have been addressed and fixed and others are in progress. We are pleased that good relationships continue with our contact at County and we now get timely responses to issues we raise, many thanks to Cllr Nick Gale for his work on our behalf in this area.

The speed of traffic on the main road through the village is a constant concern and one that your Council is fully aware of. We liaise constantly with the police and encourage them to 'speed trap' as often as then can, though we seem to be less successful on this than Tredington and Pillerton Priors.

Public Participation

We welcome members of the public at our monthly meetings and allocate 15 minutes for such participation, though as has been seen recently, there will be occasions when the Chairman's discretion will ensure that major issues get their due attention. This is a two way process and it is important that we are kept aware of issues that affect Halford and I would encourage you to participate when you can.

Working with others

The Parish Council has enjoyed working with other organisations from the village. We will be happy to again support the 'Village Tidy Up' in May / June if this is repeated.

We are very grateful for the help and assistance we get from our District and County Councillor, Mrs Izzi Seccombe and would like to thank her for the time she spends coming to our meetings and on the advice given at other times.

Thanks also to The Halford Inn who allow our regular monthly meetings to take place there and indeed their support for Halford in general. A pub is essential to the heart of many country villages and we should be grateful for that and we should remember - USE IT OR LOSE IT.

Finally I must also thank our Parish Clerk, Karen Parnell. Her knowledge of local government law is most helpful to the lay members of the PC and she endeavours to keep us on the straight and narrow and indeed sometimes actually achieves that!

Colin Black
April 2013