Document Archive - Big C results 2009


Halford's Big Consultation evening - Results

Results of meeting have been hand delivered to all householders outlining what was put forward by villagers to identify their dislikes, and giving an indication what was deemed necessary to improve village . Date of next meeting will be advised in due course.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent Big Consultation evening. As promised the evenings responses are detailed in the attached report.
What Happens Next?

1. The Parish Council are looking to either address or investigate further the points raised in the 'Things that need to be done or that the village needs' section of the report. The on- going progress of these matters can be followed through the Parish Council meeting minutes which will be published in the Village Voices and on the Halford Parish Council website

2. Colin Davis of Colin Davis Associates, who facilitated the Big Consultation evening, is to study the findings of the report and develop a 'Prelimary scheme' that will look at ways to calm Halford's traffic along the Fosse and improve the appearance of the village along this route. Colin has written books for English Heritage on this subject as well as being a co-author of the DfT Traffic Management and Streetscape document, as part of that work, he designed the sign-free traffic calming project in the village of Clifton, Cumbria, where the A6 goes right through the village. Colin's has a particular expertise in working with historic towns and villages; he will be looking at ways to provide mental speed ramps and special features that encourage motorists to recognise that they are driving through an historic village.

3. Once Colin has designed this 'Prelimary scheme' we will be inviting you to attend another meeting where he will be presenting his initial proposal to you. This will then be debated so that a more robust scheme can be developed, one that meets the approval of the village.

4. The Parish Council will continue to lobby Warwickshire County Council with the assistance of Izzi Seccombe our County Councillor and once again Colin Davis. As explained at the Big Consultation evening a 5,000 scoping grant has been made available for Warwickshire County Council to assist us in developing a scheme.

5. We will be contacting you via a leaflet drop, within the next few weeks, to advise you of the date of the next meeting where Colin Davis Associates will present their proposal to you
We look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting

Halford Village Meeting - 9 September 2009
The meeting, held in the Village Hall was attended by over 40 Halford residents and a lively discussion took place. The Parish Council would like to thank all those that attended and for all subsequent comments.
Parish Council Chairman, Neil Liddell, kicked the session of and introduced the guests, our County Councillor, Izzi Seccombe, Warwickshire County Council roads and traffic engineer Graham Stanley and Colin Davis of Colin Davis Associates, a nationally based consultancy that specialises in traffic safety in the context of historic towns and villages, Colin came to us highly recommended by English Heritage.
Colin Davis led the discussions and first asked that everyone list their thoughts on three categories about the village.
What you like about Halford
What you don't like about Halford
What you thing should be changed or done to the village
The responses were written on post it notes and summarised on the night for all to see. A complete analysis of all the slips that were written is as follows. These have been supplemented by any views separately received in the 7 days following the meeting, ideas that were very similar have been amalgamated and it is true one slip did refer to rich tea biscuits!
He then asked people to consider all the parties that should be involved in or who would have an interest or input to changes that might be made to the village.
Finally residents were asked to list ideas of things that they thought should be done to improve the village and he asked for all thoughts on the basis that no idea was a bad idea. This section focused on the road and traffic system.
All the responses are listed in the tables below.

What people liked
Village Hall Good mix of people and houses Attractive village
Fete Pub, village Hall, garage Peaceful
Local events e.g. Harvest Supper
8th of the 8th for King Rat Architecture Low street lighting, no light pollution
A pub that is open Central position, good location Village heritage - more should be made of these features
History - Roman Road Bridge Church
Good community spirit Transport links Good walks
Doggy friendly The people Lots going on
Good community but split by Fosse No intervention except discreetly Mixed housing & interesting 'corners'
Charm of village

What people don't like
Traffic Speed of traffic Heavy traffic, HGVs
Wide open dull village centre Noise of traffic accelerating out of village southbound Buys service area and buses turning
Poor use of existing garages, careless parking No children playing around village Fosse divides village, village split
Getting onto main road No focal point Rich tea biscuits
Children crossing road Lack of community involvement Appearance of main road
Parking on Idlicote road Noise from road surface Wheelie bins left out permanently is very unsightly
Need to have a car, taxis expensive Parking improvements on Idlicote Road prevents use of pavements by prams & wheelchairs etc Use of weed killer on paths, verges leaving brown dead plants
Poor bus service Too much intervention Intrusive lighting

Things that need to be done or that the village needs
Road to old bridge needs clearing and replanting Pedestrian crossing on Fosse needed Gate put back down Bell Hill
Children's football area Need speed cameras like in Newbold, Tredington & Alderminster Every other village on the A429 has been bypassed, why not Halford
Police presence Camera signs De-trunk the Fosseway
Divert lorries, weight & height restriction Road narrowing Improve street scene
Slow traffic, sleeping policemen Bypass Better bus service
Improve recreational facilities, e.g. tennis court (e.g. Ilmington). Physical activity leads to social cohesion More for teenagers Mini roundabouts
Community events Crossing place Rural cinema

Parties to be involved
Police Parish Council English Heritage
Political will Local community Lottery funding
Press Village Groups e.g.
Village Hall Group
Afternoon Tea Group County Council
Local Businesses Bus company District Council
Dept. of Transport Pub & Garage owners

Specific ideas of actions
Traffic lights Tunnel Remove bollards and narrow road
Road narrowing Pedestrian crossing Priority chicanes
Average speed camera Make 30mph limit apply to a longer section of the road Community speed camera
Plants in central reservation Traffic census and speed check within the village Weight limits on Fossway
Speed camera Ban lorries in specific time zone Bring back village policeman
Pedestrian bridge Bench in central reservation 7.5 tonne lorry limit
Toll gate Improve appearance by tub planting, gates, attractive name signs, extra greenery Permanent police camera
Better speed signage entering village Divert traffic to A3400 at Wellsbourne and at Gulf garage at roundabout Speed cameras work on A3400 in Oxfordshire e.g. Enstone, Woodstock etc.
Sleeping policeman Remove central bollard
'Welcome to Halford - Historic Village'
sign at each end of main road Public parking area encouraging people to stop, information board e.g. illustrated for walkers Parish Council is catalyst for change, representing local community

Please feel free to contact any of the Parish Councillors should you have any queries