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Your Opportunity To Vote On It's Future

As most villagers will be aware, despite the valued investment of many hours by those responsible to date, a proliferation of weeds and the deterioration over time of the original plants has meant the Millennium Rose Garden in Idlicote Road has become a significant ongoing challenge to maintain to the standard originally intended.

Working with local landscaping experts, Halford Parish Council has collated four proposed low maintenance schemes for the immediate improvement of the Millennium Garden area and invited all members of Halford Parish to vote on their preferred scheme.

Having offered four options to the villagers on 28/06/09 the result of the vote was:
1. Simply Turf the area - 15
2. Botanical Designs - Shrub planting - 9
3. Atlas Landscaping - Sweeping Turf with low level planting - 23
4. Atlas Landscaping - Totem Poles - 0
Option 3 will now be progressed. This will also involve minimal maintenance.

Members of Halford Parish cast their votes at Halford Village Hall from 16.00pm on Sunday the 28th of June 2009, where details of all of the proposed schemes were available and Parish Councillors were on hand to answer any questions regarding the schemes and their associated costs prior to voting.

Millennium Garden now complete. Perhaps Villagers could keep an eye on maintainance issues and give a hand to keep tidy. Advise your Councillors if weeds start to show or get out of hand. It is your garden, you voted for it, please do you bit to help.