Council Minutes - September 2008



Meeting held on 3 September 2008 at the Halford Bridge Inn at 7.30 p.m.

03/09/01. Apologies

03/09/02. Declaration of Interests

03/09/03. Approval of minutes of last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 9th July were read and approved.

4. Democratic 15 minutes
Anne Harris gave Councillor Liddell details of the Poppy Day wreaths. Councillor Gale agreed to deal with this.
On behalf of Amanda Luther, Mrs Harris also asked for a meeting to clarify the work needing doing on the Rose garden, which it was agreed was not in acceptable state. It was proposed that the council obtain quotes from three landscape gardeners and possibly designs, for consideration when setting next years precept. Councillor Homer agreed to contact Ms Luther, after Councillor Liddell had checked the budget, to discuss further work this year.
The topic of the cob wall, the new gates and their colour was raised again. Councillor Liddell, backed by Councillor Seccombe re-iterated that this was outside the remit of the Council.
The speed of traffic through the village was again raised. Councillor Homer briefly described the new casualty reduction scheme for the Fosse, which recognised the problems having examined the entire length of the Fosseway in Warwickshire. Councillor Liddell still felt it was a Village image issue and the need was to give drivers a strong impression of travelling through a village. Councillor Liddell had examined schemes elsewhere and suggested arranging a talk by Colin ????

5. Matter arising
Bus shelter: Councillor Liddell reported that he had found a more vandal proof roofing material and it was agreed that he would look further into this in consultation with the insurance company.
Parish website: Councillor Price reported that she was still awaiting the results of the A4A grant application and the Council Communication grant application. It was agreed that in the meantime she should obtain quotes for setting up a website.
Introduction of Karen Parnell, new parish clerk: Councillor Liddell introduced the new clerk, whose duties would commence from October.

6. Finance
The accounts and invoices since the last meeting were examined and approved.
A new mandate was signed to cover the change of signatories.

7. Planning applications received
08/01809/TPO, The Folly, Idlicote Rd. for Treework Ltd
08/01344/FUL, 1 and 2 Mill Lane, C. Murphy and
08/02120/FUL, 1 and 2 Mill Lane, C. Murphy
08/01601/LBC, 08/01600/FUL Holego House for A. Redhead, amended description
08/01858/LBC, The Old Cottage, Queen Street, for Mr & Mrs Wall
08/01707/Tree, Old Cottage, Queen Street, for Niall Conway

Planning decisions approved/refused
08/00160/FUL, Halford Cottage, for M. Johnson (approved)
08/01601/LBC, 08/01600/FUL Holego House for A. Redhead, (approved)
08/01707/Tree, Old Cottage, Queen Street, for Niall Conway

It was agreed that new planning applications would be sent the Karen first, who would then forward them to the Chairman to circulate around the council. Comments would then be returned to Karen, with the plans being retained at the Halford Bridge Inn.

8. Correspondence
Emergency plan booklet: It was agreed that Councillor Liddell would check and update the Emergency Plan.

Green issues
Playground inspection
WALC correspondence
Community Forum
County Council 'At Home' invitation.

9. AOB
Councillor Indemnity: Councillor Liddell raised the matter of indemnity of Councillors against charges of misconduct, slander, etc. Councillor Gale proposed that the insurance company be consulted on this and if additional cover was required that it should be arranged. Councillor Liddell seconded this and it was agreed that he should follow this up.
Mill Lane Sewerage plant: Councillor Gale reported that the blockage from the sewage pump had still not been located and work was still ongoing. Councillor Seccombe reported that Severn Trent had agreed that they would restore the road surfaces to their previous standard as the road surface was suffering damage from so many lorries using it.
Village Image: It was agreed that Councillor Homer should compile a list of jobs that could be undertaken soon, by a working party, with a view to having a working day in October. It was agreed he should put this in village voices
Notice board: Councillor Gale hasked if any progress had been made with regard to putting a softer material on the notice board as it was hard to pin up notices. Councillor Price said Len Harris had offered to do this.
Storm Drains: Councillor Gale commented that the storm drains were again blocked.

10. Date of next meeting
Deferred to 6th November 2008 at 7.30 p.m, as 1st October 2008 meeting not quorate. 7.30 p.m. at Halford Bridge Inn

Signed: 06/11/08 Neil Liddell (Chairman)