Council Minutes - Parish Assembly 2008


Halford Parish Council
Annual Parish Assembly

The assembly was held on 14 May 2008 at Halford Village Hall following the AGM at 7.30 p.m.

APA 2008.1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Councillors Homer and Liddell, due to work commitments. Councillor Seccombe was unable to arrive for the beginning of this meeting due to attendance at another Parish AGM, which over-ran, but arrived during the ordinary meeting and was able to answer questions arising from the meetings. Councillor Brown took the Chair.

APA 2008.2. Approval of the minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting
The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

APA 2008.3. Finance
Councillor Brown gave a brief report on the accounts for the past year:
Precept 4300.00
Bank Interest 106.95
Dividends 719.66
Total receipts 5126.61

Audit Commision and Internal audit 238.63
General Administration* 2398.51
Donations 50.00
Insurance Premium 540.45
Play area
Play area construction 1522.11
Play Area Lease 350.00
Subscriptions 99.00
Village Hall Hire 116.00
Village Maintenance
Building maintenance 43.00
Horticultural maintenance 468.00
Church Clock Maintenance 250.00

Add back uncleared cheque (100589) 2.00

Total expenses 6073.70

*Clerks salary and expenses
Clerks Salary 2160.00
Stationary, Postage, etc 238.51

APA 2008.4. Parish Council Chairman's Report
Councillor Brown gave brief reports on the following:
Play area - Two new items had been added this year and new fencing.
Traffic management - Councillor Brown had managed to establish a regular police speed presence in the village, although it was not as often as he would have liked. However, as it had been established that there was a speed problem it was hoped that they would come more frequently.
Village Image - Councillor Gale gave a brief report on the initial meeting of the Village Image Committee and outlined its aims. (Details with the approved minutes of the Ordinary meeting following.)
Housing Survey - The housing survey had revealed the need for two more social houses, but no land had yet become available. Ann Harris pointed out that there was land on the corner of the existing Social Housing and Councillor Brown agreed to pass this information on to the Housing Association.

APA 2008.5. Halford Village Reports
Halford Village Fund - Nothing had been added or taken out of the fund this year and it stood at 283.10

APA 2008.6. County and District Councillors Reports

APA 2008.7. AOB: matters raised by the residents of Halford
Village Image - Len Harris asked where the funding for improvements in the village image would come from. Councillor Gale responded that the Council had allotted an amount in this years budget. The Clerk also pointed out that a new funding scheme of up to 1000 was now available from SDC specifically for improving village environments.
Cob wall - The contentious issue of the recent planning application regarding putting a drive way into the cob wall on the Idlicote Road was raised, together with a second entrance in the same stretch, which did not appear to need planning. The residents attending (8?) did not feel the Council had done enough to back them up in their objections. Councillor Brown pointed out that it was the Councils job to represent all sides in these matters and he hoped that his comment to the DC had done this. Ann Harris wanted to know why there were not public meetings for discussing planning applications. Councillor Brown reminded her that the Council has a very short time span to look at and reply to plans. Because the Councillors all had full time jobs this sometimes necessitated them looking individually and communicating their thoughts via the phone. He also pointed out that if the entrance did not require planning the Council was not able to comment upon it. The clerk clarified the position that, unless actually listed, entrances onto D roads, did not require planning permission.
Village notice board - Len Harris asked why the notice board requested at the last APA had not been forthcoming. Councillor Price said that a villager had offered to replace the board at their own expense and the Council had accepted this offer. However, the board had not been forthcoming and as the donor was leaving the village it was felt that it was now unlikely to be provided. It was agreed that the Council would make alternative arrangements.
Meeting dates - It was requested that all the meeting dates should be put into Village Voices, which the Clerk agreed to do.
Bus shelter - It was pointed out that the bus shelter was in need of repair. Councillor Price said this had been brought to her attention already and the matter was being looked into.
Pedestrian crossing - It was asked if a crossing could be put in on the Fosseway. However, Councillor Brown said this had been looked into before and was not feasible.
Alleyway to the village hall - Ann Harris pointed out that following comments last year, the sound stretch of tarmac had been resurfaced while the damaged section had been left. Councillor Brown agreed to look into this.

The meeting closed at 8.35 p.m.