Council Minutes - December 2009



Meeting held on 2nd December 2009 at the Halford Bridge Inn at 7.30 p.m.
Meeting closed 8.55 p.m.
Cllrs Black (Acting Chair), Price and Rickards
District and County Cllr Izzi Seccombe
Clerk: Karen Parnell
Plus one member of the public

*To receive a presentation on provision of a defibrillator and first response*
Gill Castle, first responder for West Midlands Ambulance Service, who acts as a solo responder in a three mile radius of Newbold, outlined her role. She had been called out four times in as many days, emphasising the need for the service. An ambulance is always called for when the first responder responds to a call, but they often arrive first. They carry oxygen and a defibrillator and Gill has had to use the later twice. Funding is being sought as 1000, 2000 is necessary to facilitate the work amongst the parishes. First aid training is not necessary for volunteers, indeed differences in training may make this disadvantageous not least regarding CPR. The kit carried was displayed and explained. It was noted that aid for under eights was entirely different from adult aid. It was established funding of approximately 500 would be requested and it was suggested involving the community further to facilitate this.

1. Apologies
Cllr Nick Gale and Neil Liddell

2. Declaration of Interests Councillors are asked to declare personal interests in any items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct that took effect from 5th June 2007 provides that should they have a prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion, they should withdraw from the room and not seek to influence a decision about the matter.

3. Approval of minutes of meeting held on the 4th November 2009
Minutes having been circulated were confirmed as an accurate record of the meeting held in November 2009 and were duly signed by the Acting Chairman.

4. Democratic 15 minutes
It was suggested involving various groups as a community project to enable funding for a first responder.
The parish councils input regarding Village Voices was questioned, notably regarding planning applications.
With regard to the request for volunteers to maintain the rose garden currently in Village Voices, it was noted that previous volunteers had dwindled away and questioned why there should be a difference this time around.
The costs and design of the rose garden were questioned, however the design had been democratically decided on by the village residents.
Future maintenance by volunteers will be co-ordinated by Cllr Gale.

County and District Councillors report
Cllr Seccombe explained budgeting at County level will need to involve a 20 percent reduction over 5 years. Although finance for schools is ring fenced this will result in many jobs losses and a lack of non-statutory services. Funding is being sought to maintain the county music project, but the safeguarding service, children?s services and post 16 transport will be put under pressure. A 'total place' pilot scheme in children's services is under discussion.
The master plan application for Long Marston will go to committee on 07/12/09. The plan consists of 150 lodges, 150 lets and 100 caravan sites. Commercial facilities on the site would have a proper legal standing.
Cllr Seccombe voiced concerns about the infrastructure and questioned the housing need. The consultation has been dreadful, with the meeting previously cancelled for this reason. The way this application is being progressed by SDC without involving the planning and regulation committee and involving the secretary of state does not show an example of good practice.

5. Matters arising

A) Drainage Issues - Progress Report
Jetting has taken place in the village, near the bridge on the A429. An investigation of the problem outside The Manor House in Queen Street will now take place. Cllr Price will let Cllr Gale know the position about the drain outside Halford Bridge and he will chase Jeff Morris again if still not done.

Village maintenance
The flailing team will commence work clearing up debris on Bell Hill during early December. They will return in the new year to tidy up and deal with overgrown saplings.

B) Village Image - Progress Report - Further to 09/09/09 Meeting - Big "C" next meeting - Ordnance survey map
This item deferred to the January meeting as no further information available.

C) Millennium Garden - Maintenance thereof.
We are still waiting on a response for volunteers following the Village Voices message. Coordination of the Rota and allocation will then take place by Cllr Gale.

D) Burial ground at St Mary's Church Maintenance
Investigation carried out by Church Architects and Museum Section, involving a trench being dug to ascertain if there was any old historic building under the soil mounds. There was nothing there except grave spoil so they are happy for the full project to continue.

Ian Barnard is continuing works and is hopeful he will be finished by mid December. The Church will be making the first stage payment in the next day or so. In excavating the septic tank he discovered that it was about three times the size expected and was built in a very robust manner making it a longer and more expensive job.

It is likely there will be a cost overrun as a result. The council discussed how much they would be prepared to increase support. The unexpected investigation of the mounds cost 253 inclusive of VAT, and the extra work by Ian Barnard may well be a further 1500. We could provide some funding, but the council expressed a desire to reduce costs as far as possible.

E) Update of Emergency Plan
Cllr Rickards will try to find local service people to include and will return the plan to Karen to implement at the next meeting.

F) Adoption of phone box - Update
The phone box was adopted on 16/11/09 as was its electricity supply. This is now listed in the fixed assets and covered by the existing insurance.
Villagers will be asked what they would now like to use the box for and the question will be asked in Village Voices.

G) Provision of a defibrillator in the village
The need for supporting Gill Castle in providing funds was established. An approach will be made to the WI by Cllr Rickards and a village event to fund raise will be looked into as this is a valuable service to the village. Support and finance from the ambulance service is lacking.

H) Provision of bench in the rose garden
This item deferred to January as no information available.

6. Finance

Cheque No 100673 Karen Parnell 180.00 (October Salary) 674 Karen Parnell 10.82 (Expenses) 675 Garden Aide 31.25

VAT Reclaim to 31/10/09 1123.54

7. Correspondence:

8. Date of next meeting: 5th January 2010 (Same venue)

Meeting closed: 8.55pm

Signed: on 5th January 2010 Colin Black