Council Minutes - Parish Assembly 2009


Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly of Halford Parish Council
Held on the 22nd of April 2009 at 7.30 pm at The Bridge Inn, Halford
Cllrs Ali Brown, Nick Gale, Tom Homer and Sue Price
Cllr Neil Liddell (Chair)
Karen Parnell

In attendance:
County and District Cllr Izzi Seccombe
Plus six members of the public
Apologies: None

1) Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly on 14th May 2008
Were read out and duly signed off by the Chairman to be a true record.

2) Matters arising therefrom
There were no matters arising other than the current liaison with the insurance company regarding repairs to the bus shelter, as all relevant information was contained within the Chairman's report.

3) Chairman's report on the work of the Parish Council during the last twelve months
The Chairman outlined the report, which contained a summery of the accounts and a detailed report on many of the Council's activities, from Planning to village maintenance. This will be published on the website. He expounded on the councils works regarding the appointment of a new Clerk, planning, the rose garden and traffic calming. Ways of liaising with the public, notably representation at the village fete and moving the council meetings to the Bridge Inn were highlighted. We have a new website and are overcoming milestones towards becoming a quality parish council. Works on the play area have been completed and a new dog bin installed. Flood works have been completed on the roundabout and flood defences are constantly being monitored. The village image has gained momentum thanks to meetings with WCC and some grant funding and better maintaining of the village verges was a recent parish council effort. Views will be sought from the villagers regarding ongoing projects.

4) Statement of Accounts of the Village Hall Committee
Mike Parkin - Treasurer, presented the Village Hall Committee accounts, which have a balance of 12.772. This represents an increase of 786 from 2007/08. Maintenance was the main overhead at 1490 but a quiz night brought in 235 and a lottery made 555. A positive year.

5) Statement of Accounts of the Parish Council
Karen has produced the end of year accounts, which Cllr Gale summarised, a copy was sent to all Councillors and was available to the public present, and a condensed version appears in the Chairman's report.

6) District Councillor's Report
And 7) County Councillor's Report
Cllr Izzi Seccombe spoke of disappointment that SDC as the planning authority had made decisions in favour of the 'cob' walls demolition. Also, that the inspector had decided in favour of the gypsy encampment for a period of five years during which time sixteen named families are permitted to stay and after which time the land must be returned. The children involved will attend Treddington School.

As a cabinet member on WCC with responsibilities for children and young people, Cllr Sercombe's work has increased due to scrutiny following the baby 'P' case. Fortunately only 5% of WCC staffing involves agency staff and 4 more social workers have been budgeted for in Nuneaton and Bedworth.
A meeting took place yesterday involving WCC and the PC regarding the village image and a grant has been obtained for researching options. A programme of road improvements along the Fosse way is in place.
The proposed Eco town in Middle Quinton is now one of ten proposals the Government will be deciding around November. This will follow a review of the regional spatial strategy for which the results are due in the autumn.
Grammar schools are likely to be subject to a review of entry levels.

8) Any Other Business
Two vehicle thefts have recently taken place in Feldon edge, and one by the roundabout. The need to be vigilant will be publicised in 'Village voices'.

9) Questions from the Public
A request to publish meeting dates in 'Village voices' was agreed.

This meeting clashing with the village halls was noted. The Chairman apologised for the oversight of this double-booking.

The rise in the precept to 9000 (a 66% rise) was commented on with alarm by two people and it was pointed out at the time of setting funding from other parties had not been secured. It was noted monies to maintain the burial ground must remain separate in the setting of the precept. The village image and rose garden are ongoing projects with yet unknown costs.

The council were thanked for their work on the play area, village maintenance and provision of a dog poo bin.

Recent legislation involving dog fouling and SDC will be placed on the website, as a resident was unclear of the PC?s involvement.

Road surfaces on the road to Granby had pot holes in and the PC was asked to involve WCC to address this. The PC was also asked to involve WCC in the removal of straw bales adjacent to the Fosse left after an accident.

The bus shelter repair and signage was discussed, but this remains an ongoing project involving the insurance company.

Concerns were expressed regarding a missing plaque. The plaque from the millennium tree resides with Cllr Price and will be re-erected shortly.

The PC was informed the gate missing from a village entrance was now creating a through road. A bollard was a consideration. Cllr Seccombe had already volunteered to research this.

A village day to incorporate progress with both the village image and rose garden was proposed by the Chairman.

Asked about a smashed bollard, the PC had been advised by WCC the refuge was due to be removed.

It was suggested the PC appoint a representative to the Village Hall Committee. This will be considered and placed as an agenda item for next years Parish Assembly.

The need to publicise the location of plans was agreed.

Meeting closed: 8.40pm

Signed Neil Liddell Chairman 5th May 2010