Council Minutes - Parish Assembly 2010


Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly of Halford Parish Council
Held on the 5th of May 2010 at 6.30 pm at The Bridge Inn, Halford
Cllrs Colin Black, Nick Gale and Ian Rickards
Cllr Neil Liddell (Chair)
Clerk: Karen Parnell

In attendance: 31 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Sue Price

A presentation was received from Gill Castle - First responder: Gill is based in Newbold and covers the surrounding three miles. She has visited Halford eleven times since Christmas. Gill carries oxygen and a defibrillator and endeavors to stabilise the scene prior to an ambulance arriving. Ettington has five first responders with defibrillators thanks to Ettington PC and they are a registered charity. Advanced training and CRB checks are facilitated by Warwickshire ambulance service. Defibrillators cost 700. Volunteers are being sought in Halford to become first responders and if enough come forward a similar charity could be set up for Halford. This is not a parish council issue and a working committee will be set up to research the matter. PC restrictions on donating monies were explained; however the PC could give to the Ettington project although no sum is budgeted for. 350 was requested and fund raising will be looked into. Ann Harris and Peter Nicholls will work to promote this cause and identify volunteers in Halford with the support of the parish council. Thanks were expressed to Gill for attending the meeting.

1) Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly on 22nd April 2009
Were read out and duly signed off by the Chairman to be a true record.

2) Matters arising therefrom
There were no matters arising other than relocation of the plaque in Cllr Price's care, as all relevant information was contained within the Chairman's report.

3) Chairman's report on the work of the Parish Council during the last twelve months
The Chairman outlined the report, which contained a detailed report on many of the Council's activities, from the refurbishment of the Millennium garden (further to democratic decision by villagers) to village maintenance. This will be published on the website. He expounded on the councils works regarding the village image and WCC jetting noting that flood defences are constantly being monitored as are parking issues and refuse. Halford remains a quality parish council. The village image has gained momentum thanks to a cabinet meeting at WCC where grant funding of 25,000 was considered: this was turned down due to the economic climate but will be reconsidered in January 2011. Burial ground works have been undertaken at costs to the PC of around 10,000 and this will see the grounds through until 2030. It was noted the recession has affected finances of all local authorities. The parish council continues to support the WI and PCC.

4) Statement of Accounts of the Village Hall Committee
The Village Hall Fund balance has not moved and as of 28th April 2010 remains at 283.10. Two wheelchairs are available should residents wish to borrow them.

5) Statement of Accounts of the Parish Council
Karen has produced the end of year accounts, which she summarised, a copy was sent to all Councillors and was available to the public present.

6) District Councillor's Report and 7) County Councillor's Report
Councillor Izzi Seccombe was not present.

8) To consider the appointment of a representative to the Village Hall Committee
Cllr Gale has taken on this role and remains in post.

9) Questions from the Public
It was suggested due to the numbers in attendance the village hall would be a more suitable venue. This was agreed, but it was noted that attendance at meetings has increased since moving them to the Bridge Inn. It was noted the PC has dispensation from the monitoring officer to meet at the Bridge and this will continue to happen as community engagement is a criteria of quality status.
Minutes of the 2009 assembly were read out upon request and all progress highlighted.
Communications in Village Voices and other mediums were discussed. It was noted not all residents have internet access.
Disappointment was expressed at the county councillor not being present.
Accidents, traffic calming measures due to speeding and extending the 30mph limit and/or white lines around Armscote road were discussed.
It was noted covered signs cause an additional problem.
The island on the A429 was suggested not to be well enough defined. These are all WCC issues.
Bell Hill being used as a rat run was highlighted, but having raised the matter with WCC it was established this cannot be gated. Removing the 'No through road' sign was suggested. Access regarding the old bridge was also discussed.
Website and PCC costs were explained upon request.
A police presence or report on specific issues to the assembly was requested.

Meeting closed: 7.35pm

Signed: Colin Black - Chairman 6th April 2011