Council Minutes - January 2011



Meeting held on 5th January 2011 at Lomas Barn, Queens Street, Halford
at 7.30 p.m.
Meeting closed 8.25 p.m.
Cllrs Black (Chair), Gale, Liddell and Rickards
District and County Cllr Izzi Seccombe
Clerk: Karen Parnell
No members of the public were present

1. Apologies
Cllr Su Price

2. Declaration of Interests Councillors are asked to declare personal interests in any items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct that took effect from 5th June 2007 provides that should they have a prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion, they should withdraw from the room and not seek to influence a decision about the matter.

3. Approval of minutes of meeting held on the 3rd November 2010
Minutes having been circulated were confirmed as an accurate record of the meeting held in November 2010 and were duly signed by the Chairman.

4. Democratic 15 minutes
No members of the public were present

5. Matters arising
A) Telephone Box works and progress regarding its gallery/photographic usage.
Thanks were conveyed to Cllr Rickards for painting the crown on the box.
The reason for increased electricity cost and charges for possible disconnection will be followed up.
Cllr Gale will liaise with Cllr Price regarding the future meeting between themselves and the Head of Newbold School concerning inclusion of pupil's artwork.
The padlock number for the box was distributed to members.

B) Traffic calming issues
It was noted the traffic lights currently outside the Bridge Inn are calming traffic without causing any problems.
The Gateway project with WCC and other possibilities were placed on hold until the financial position within local authorities improves.

C) Drainage, highways and maintenance issues within Halford
Cllr Gale is liaising with Jeff Morris at WCC regarding the fragmenting of the road, which will be rectified in due course. Also, drainage works in Queens Street will be progress chased.
Severn Trent is currently progressing works outside the Halford Bridge and water pressure has improved as a consequence.
Cllr Liddell will pursue the replacement of tiles for the bus shelter.
The provision of extra grit/salt bins was discussed. This will be further researched and brought back to the February PC meeting.

D) Consideration of provision of a recycling/rubbish bin
No need was established.

E) Planting of crocuses in Halford
Thanks were conveyed to the Rotary Club for gifting a number of crocuses to the PC. These were planted by Cllr Black and Gerald Newall. A total of 3000 purple crocuses were donated to the area to celebrate the eradication of polio.

6. Planning
Application(s) reference: 10/02139/TREE
T1 conifer : fell.
Proposed pruning to Wisteria, exempt.
Mr Graham Black
Orchard House, Mill Lane, Halford, Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire

Cllr Seccombe was thanked regarding clarification of planning permission in Queens Street.
It was noted the Waitrose planning permission, although approved, is being appealed as it falls outside of the local plan. A decision is awaited.

7. Finance

Cheque No 100724 Karen Parnell 180.00 (Salary) 725 Karen Parnell
11.70 (Expenses) 726 Garden Aide 43.75 727 Halford Parochial Church Council 250.00 728 Karen Parnell (Salary) 180.00 729 SC Black (Phone box lock) 53.44 730 Garden Aide 31.25 731 Scottish Power (Phone box electricity) 78.50

8. Correspondence:
BBC - Help regarding the digital switch-over will be publicised on the website and in Village Voices.
Statistics on website traffic will be sought and fed back at the February PC meeting.

9. Date of next meeting: 2nd February 2011 (Same venue)

Meeting closed: 8.25pm

Signed: Colin Black - Chairman on 2nd February 2011