Council Minutes - Annual Meeting of the Council 2011


Halford Parish Council

A member of the Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held at
The Bridge Inn, Halford on Wednesday the 4th of May, 2011 commencing at 7.30 p.m

Present: Cllr Colin Black (in the Chair)
Councillors Nick Gale, Jan Redhead and Ian Rickards
Clerk: Karen Parnell
In attendance: No members of the public were present
Apologies: Cllr Izzi Seccombe

1. To Elect a Chairman for the ensuing Municipal Year.
Cllr Colin Black was re-elected Chairman for the ensuing Municipal Year.
Proposed Cllr Rickards Seconded Cllr Gale

2. To Elect a Vice-Chairman for the ensuing Municipal Year.
Cllr Nick Gale was elected Vice-Chairman for the ensuing Municipal Year.
Proposed Cllr Black Seconded Cllr Redhead

3. Disclosure of Interests. Councillors are asked to declare personal interests in any items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded that the Code of Conduct that takes effect from 5th June 2007 provides that should they have a prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion they should withdraw from the room and not seek to influence a decision about the matter.

There were no disclosures of interests.

4. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 6th April 2011.
Were agreed by the Council to be an accurate record of the meeting, and were duly signed off by the Chairman as such.

5. Matters arising therefrom.

Responsibility for grass cutting in The Leys
SDC will continue to maintain this area.

Consideration of signage for C road on Bell Hill
Cllr Seccombe was to liaise with County Highways on this matter and report back to the PC. Due to her absence this item will be carried across to the June PC agenda.

Fencing within Halford
The fencing was erected by WCC in 1962. Cllr Gale will ask Jeff Morris at WCC for repairs to be carried out. Removal is a consideration if repairs are not tenable.

Flower pots at Owl Corner
Cllr Redhead is to pursue an offer of flowers from a contact in Charlecote. Daffodil bulbs are also a consideration.

Village Maintenance
A broken drain on The Leys has now been corrected by Severn Trent.

The grit bin will remain with Cllr Black until needed. A means of securing the bin will be sought, and salt requested nearer the time of possible use.

Cllr Black continues to liaise with Shirley Estates regarding maintenance of the wall in Paradise Row.

The tiles on the bus shelter have now been repaired.

6. Comments from the public relating to items on this Agenda.
None present

7. Planning:
Application(s) reference: 11/00785/FUL
Proposed : Construction of a four-arm roundabout to provide access to the site from Campden Road
At : Long Marston Storage Depot, Campden Road, Lower Quinton, CV37 8QR
For : St Modwen

8. Finance:
The internal audit was conducted on the 15th of April 2011 by Kenneth Dunn.

To complete the Annual Financial Return for the year ending 31st March, 2011:-
a) Chairman to sign The Statement of Accounts;
This was done and the RFO countersigned

b) Councillors to complete the Statement of Assurance;
This was universally agreed by the Council

c) Chairman to sign the Bank Reconciliation as at 31st March, 2011.
Done by both Chairman and RFO with the consent of the Council

9. Accounts for payment.
Cheque No 748 Clerks Salary 180.00
Cheque No 749 Clerks Expenses 11.70
Cheque No 750 Garden Aide 18.75
Cheque No 751 Kenneth Dunn (Internal Audit) 30.00
Cheque No 752 Village Voices re Royal Wedding Flyers 7.50

Receipt: 50% Precept 3600.00 from SDC

10. To deal with any correspondence.

11. Councillors reports.
Not present

12. Questions from the public:
None present

Meeting closed: 8.10 pm

Signed Colin Black - Chairman 1st June 2011