Council Minutes - Draft Parish Assembly 2014


Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly of Halford Parish Council
Held on the 14th of May 2014 at 7.00 pm at The Village Hall, Halford

Cllrs Paul Bannister and Nick Gale
Cllr Colin Black (Chair)
Karen Parnell

In attendance:
4 members of the public
Apologies: Cllr Ivor Machin, Maggie Bannister and Robert and Brenda Fincham

A presentation on the role of Village Archivist
Cllr Bannister read out notes prepared by his wife Maggie:
We need to establish what we want to archive, why and where?
Maggie has joined Community Archives for advice and information.
Sources of materials need to be identified including residents.
Helpers for the project are sought. Not least as some records are in Latin.
There is much information in Warwickshire and Worcestershire Archives which will be further investigated. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has notes.
Census and Parish Records 1841 - 2011 can be obtained.
It was noted historically there have been 16 variations in the spelling of Halford.

1) Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly on 24th April 2013
Were read out and duly signed off by the Chairman to be a true record.

2) Matters arising therefrom

3) Chairman's report on the work of the Parish Council during the last twelve months
The Chairman read out the report, which contained a detailed account of many of the Council?s activities. This is published in full on the website.
A copy will also be held with the minutes.

4) Village Reports

5) Statement of Accounts of the Parish Council
Karen had produced the end of year accounts for 2013/14, which she summarised; a copy was sent to all Councillors and was available to the public present. The year end balance is 16647 representing a surplus of 2555.
Any questions relating to the finance were answered.

6) District Councillor's Report and 7) County Councillor's Report
Councillor Izzi Seccombe was not present.
Cllr Seccombe was however present at the PC meeting which followed and updated both the PC and members of the public on County and District matters in that meeting.

8) Any other business

9) Questions from the Public
It was questioned if the village archive could be put onto a website. This will be looked into further.
The PC was asked to investigate the purchase of land at the bowling green and in Queens Street. In both cases the landowners are unwilling to enter into a dialogue. There is also very little funding available for such ventures.

Meeting closed: 7.30pm