Council Minutes - September 2015


Halford Parish Council
Clerk to the Council: Karen Parnell, 109 St Mary's Road,
Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. CV37 6TL
Tel: 01789 292968

Meeting held on the 9th of September 2015 at the Halford Bridge Inn 7.30 pm
Present :- Councillors Nicholas Gale, John Alexander, Paul Bannister.
Meeting commenced 7.30pm

1. Apologies. District Councillor Philip Seccombe. Councillor Paul Abernethy. Parish Clerk Karen Parnell.

2. Appointment of Vice Chairman. Deferred until next Meeting when all Councillors should be present.

3. Declaration of Interests.. Councillor Bannister advised that he had an interest in the provision of a Screen in the Village Hall to facilitate the showing of regular films to the Villagers.

4. Approval of minutes of meeting held on the 1st of July 2015. approved by the Meeting and signed by the Chairman Nicholas Gale.

Democratic 15 minutes . Nothing specific raised here but Public were able to comment on various issues as they were brought up.

6. Matters arising and new matters

A) Traffic Issues.
Resurfacing of the Fosse Way throughout the Village was raised with the District Council as it had been previously indicated that this may be put on the work schedule for 2015. Their reponse was that although it would be done it would not happen in 2015. We stressed to them that a quieter form of surface to ease noise levels for those properties alongside the Fosse would be appreciated. The will be considered but not guaranteed to be incorporated.

B) Drainage, highway Issues and village maintenance.
Drainage repairs in Queens Street are scheduled for December 2015. Strong letter sent to the District Council stressing that there is significant possibility the the cellars of the properties affected could have long lasting damage if the problem is not proceeded with earlier. Council returned to say that they will investigate and try to get done earlier.
The drainage issue in Roman Way remains. Mike Hopkins ( resident ) is keeping in touch with Severn Trent. There is no real progress other than Severn Trent have indicated that they will have to carry out another survey as their original contractors have been replaced and they do not have access to their report. They did say that although the pipe run was clear the diameter reduced from 225 cm to 150cm as it descended the hill which is not ideal.
We will have to await developments here.

C) Bowling Green Site.
The site has been sold at a price well in excess of any funds that could be raised by The Village to purchase it. Regrettably we will have to let matters take their course and review any Planning Permission documents as they become available. The Community Asset Order placed of the site by the Parish Council in being challenged by the purchasers, and it was agreed that in the circumstances the Parish Council would not contest the challenge.

D) Fencing by Road adjacent to the Bridge at bottom of Bell Hill
Councillor Gale wrote to the Council enclosing Photographs of the site. The Council confirmed that a work order had been raised to repair the fence at the site.

E) SDC Core Strategy 2016 Modifications
It was agreed that we should make representations regarding the change in status of Halford Village from a Local Service Village to a Category 4 location. Parish Clerk to draft appropriate letter to the Council in this respect. The change should certainly not be brought into effect until the Core Strategy is signed off in 2016.

F) Village Plan
Bryan Stoten kindly agreed to co-ordinate the production of a revised Village Plan with assistance from Parish Council Members and Philip Seccombe our District Councillor. Councillor Gale downloaded a PDF copy of the 1999 Plan and copied it to all Parish Councill Members as well as Bryan Stoten and Mike Solomon.

G) Bus stops on the A429, for the 50 bus service
Meeting was not quite sure when Paul Abernethy was coming from on this issue. It seems unlikely that Stagecoach would brook any changes based on current usage. Agreed that Paul would take the matter forward as he saw fit ,and come to the November Meeting with an indication of the outcome.

H) Maintenance of public areas
The mowing of the areas of grass on the entrances to The Leys and The Close were discussed. This is undertaken by the District Council using a contractor. The quality and timings has been raised before and the Council due to Budget contraints are unlikely to change the programme. The play area is mown by ?Garden Aide?/ ?Japonica Pride? under contract from the Parish Council largely to our satisfaction. Cutting of grass on the corner of Stour view was raised. Although technically it is the reponsibility of the District Council to maintain it, it is most unlikely that they will take this area on. In most parts of the Village the verges outside properties are maintained by the Villagers whose property outlooks the area if they take a pride in the property.
Trees overlooking the Play area were discussed. As the Parish Council rent the area from the District Council it is incumbent on the Council to keep the trees trimmed so that they do not provide a hazard. Similarly the pathway is also a District Council responsibility.
Perhaps Councillor Abernethy could investigate the situation with the appropriate department of the District Council and report back at the November Meeting.

Condition of Village generally.
Mike Solomon expressed the view that there was a significant amount of litter was lying in and around the Village as well as there being Ivy climbing up the Bus Shelter. He very kindly agreed to gradually do a clean up round the Village in the coming weeks as well as clear the Ivy.
The suggestion was made that we have a ?Village Clean up day? in the period just before the Celebration of the Queens Official Birthday in the middle of June. Agreed that this would be arranged with the Distict Council supplying bag and collecting implements. Disposal of collected rubbish would also be arranged.

I) Notification of PC meetings, publication of minutes and agenda
Agreed that the present system of advising the Villagers of impending Council Meetings should be maintained. Agendas should be posted on the Village Notice Boards one week from the date of the proposed Meeting. Items for the Agenda should be sought from Councillors ten days before the proposed Meetings. "Village Voices" should publish the dates of the Meetings in the issues prior to the Meetings and remind Villagers of the location of the Notice Boards.
a) In Queens Street outside "Sykes House"
b) On side of the Bus Shelter on entry into The Close.
A synopsis of the Meetings should be inserted into "Village Voices" after Meetings have taken place. The Council Web site address should be incorporated so that those inclined to do so can see the Minutes in full.

J) Public viewing of planning documents
Agreed that arrangements for Public viewing of Planning Applications should remain unchanged. The system where those immediately affected by Applications are advised individually by the District Council of the Application and can respond to the application in accordance with their views. There is no obligation of the Parish Council to post Applications on Notice Boards as documentation and volume of paperwork attached would preclude this line of action. The on line Planning site at the District Council is fully available to all Villagers and is very informative and efficient. For those without Computers the option to view documents at the Council Offices is still an option. Anyone who wishes to place a comment support or objection to an application on on the Council site can do so either via the on line link or by ordinary mail. It is incumbent on the individul to check if the submission is registered of chase it up if it does not appear.
It was unanimously agreed that in the event of a contentious application being submitted then the Parish Council would convene a Public Meeting so that the depth of feeling from Villagers could be ascertained.

H) Halford Film Club - Donation for Screen
Agreed unanimously that the Parish Council would donate the sum of 400 to the Village Hall in order that a permanent screen to aid viewing of films for the whole Village could be purchased

K ) Bowling Green Chairs
The wearabouts of these were ascertained. One was given to Len Harris. Ray Jones has one to be refurbished. Councillors Gale is looking after two awaiting refurbishment and he has agreed to pay a suitable amount for one of these when work completed.

Cala Homes application. Councillor Gale Spoke to the District Council Planning Department and was advised that there had to date been no further progress to report. Cala Homes were providing the Council with additional information. The Parish Council and those who wrote in to support, or to object, to the development, would be advised as soon as the way forward had been established.

Tredington Village Planning Application 15/01834/OUT ? Object

Application(s) reference: 15/02853/TREE
Proposed : - T1: Conifer: fell and grind out stump.
At : The Malt House, Queen Street, Halford, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5BT
For : Mr James Gopsill. No problem

8. Finance
External Audit

014 Karen Parnell 384.00 (Salary) 015 26.00 (Expenses) 016 SDC Land Lease 175.00 017 Japonica Pride Ltd (Garden Aide) 77.00 018 Japonica Pride Ltd 63.00. Cheques to Garden Aide and Japonic Pride signed and posted.

9. Correspondence:
Meeting closed at 8.30pm

10. Date of next meeting: 11th November 2015 (Same venue)

Minutes compiled on this occasion by Councillor Gale in the absence of Parish Clerk.

Signed Cllr Nick Gale