Council Minutes - November 2019



Meeting held on 6th November 2019 at the Halford Bridge Inn at 7.30 p.m.
Meeting closed 8.20 p.m.
Cllrs Abernethy (Chair), Lewis, Sloan and Whalley
Clerk: Karen Parnell
County Cllr Izzi Seccombe
1 member of the public was present

1. Apologies
Cllr Gale and District Cllr Penny Anne O'Donnell

2. Declaration of Interests Councillors are asked to declare personal interests in any items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct that took effect from May 2018 provides that should they have a prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion, they should withdraw from the room and not seek to influence a decision about the matter.
Cllr Sloan regarding planning applications for Sykes House

3. Approval of minutes of meeting held on the 4th September 2019
Minutes having been circulated were confirmed as an accurate record of the meeting held in September 2019 and were duly signed by the chairman.

4. Democratic 15 minutes
Kineton scarecrow campaign was highlighted as an idea to be replicated to calm traffic in Halford. It could be a reminder of a rural community in place and children could become involved.
It was felt the 30mph flashing sign is in need of cleaning or replacing.
It was noted this is only likely to be replaced based on the accident record locally.

5. Matters arising and new matters
SDC Meaningful Change Programme was highlighted as a way to effectively benefit the homeless. It was noted provision for ex-servicemen was an issue.

A green bin consultation is currently being conducted which could result in an additional 40.00 collection fee per household per year for the service.

A) Village Maintenance
Works taking place in Queen Street are unknown to the Locality Officer.
A bollard which was missing has now been replaced.
No update has been received regarding the coppice which obstructs signage.
The 'Halford' signage on the Armscote Road needs turning back to position.
The pavement between Folly Lodge and Far Cottages needs improvement.
Road closures for works have been notified to the parish council.

B) To consider a donation to Village Voices
The PC agreed to a 100.00 donation payable at the January meeting.

C) Traffic Calming
Jagpreet Liddar, Road Safety Engineer - Traffic & Road Safety Group has offered a site visit WC 18/11/19. Cllr Whalley will liaise regarding timings and involve other councillors to meet up in Halford and consider available options.
It was felt prettying up the village with flowers so it is seen to house a community could deter speeding through it.

6. Planning
Application(s) reference: 19/02519/FUL
Application(s) reference: 19/02520/LBC
Proposed : Retrospective emergency works to barn roof to include 3 dormer windows
At : Sykes House, Queen Street, Halford, CV36 5BT
For : Mr I Sloan

Application(s) reference: 19/02757/FUL
Application(s) reference: 19/02758/LBC
Proposed : Change of roof material from glass to tiles
At : Sykes House, Queen Street, Halford, CV36 5BT
For : Mr I Sloan

7. Finance
Budget - Precept 2020/21
The budget was expounded upon by the Clerk and the precept for 2020 - 2021 was agreed unanimously by the Council to be set at 7,200 (No increase). Proposed: Cllr Lewis - Seconded Cllr Sloan and agreed.
Monies were allocated to the Church ( 250.00) and Defibrillator (150.00).

It was felt that ownership of the defibrillator needs to be established.

8. Payments

Karen Parnell (Salary/Expenses) 450.00 Royal British Legion 25.00
Ettington First Responders 750.00 - 67.90 (Pads) Japonica Pride 135.00

Receipts: Precept 50% 3600.00 V.A.T Reclaim 310.00

WCC update: Consultation roadshows have taken place and questionnaires completed regarding the Council Plan for 2020-2025, climate emergency, growing economy and protecting the vulnerable are factors.

Meeting closed: 8.20pm

9. Date of next meeting: 8th January 2020 (Bridge Inn)

Signed: Chairman on 8th January 2020