Council Minutes - March 2020



Meeting held on the 4th March 2020 at
The Halford Bridge Inn at 7.30pm
Meeting closed at 8.15pm
Present :-
Cllrs :- Gale, Abernethy, Lewis and Whalley.
District :- Penny-Anne O'Donnell
County :- Izzi Seccombe.

4 Members of the Public

Apologies :- None.

Declaration of interests :- None

Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on the 8th January 2020 at Halford Bridge Inn. Done.

Democratic 15 minutes :-

The question of ownership and tenancy arrangements in respect of Aylworth Cottages was brought up. Apparently there is a covenant in place with a Housing Association to the effect that an empty cottage should be offered to a poor or disadvantaged tenant before it is placed on the open market. The question was that as No 1 is now empty has this been done. Council is not aware of who the title is registed in. Councillor Gale will try to find this out and follow it up.

Robert and Emma Long the owners of the farm off the Idlicote Road attended in response to Parish Council letters in respect of road damage to the Idlicote Road by farm vehicles. Also the question of speeding by the same vehicles was raised. The Longs apologised for any damage and they assured the meeting that they instructed their drivers to try and avoid running over the ancient verges and also to keep their speed within the legal maximum. The problem has no doubt been made significantly worse by the long term building developments along the Idlicote Road which are now nearing completion. They said they would commit themselves to continuing advice to their drivers. They also said that they have made every effort to trim the roadside hedging which is their responsibily alongside the road.

Issue of unsightly and overhanging hedging on the other side of the road was raised. No one is quite sure where the responsibility here arises. Councillor Gale will write to the owners of Hetherington House asking them if they would attend to the areas which borders their land. It is observed that most of the hedging roung the Hetherington estate is in very good order.

The question of poor parking along the Idlicote Road blocking pavements etc. was also brought up. Meeting felt that this is not something we can influence particularly as the parking is not actually illegal. Councillor Abernethy will incorporate appropriate copy in the next " Village Voices " publication to try and influence those responsible to be more considerate.

Matters arising :- Nothing not covered below.

Village Maintenance. :- Broken gully on Fosse Way near John Moore's old house has been identified.
Izzi will take this up and report to Michael Rogers at County Roads. In the meantime Robert Long offered to place a red mobile bollard over the hole to avoid and accident or vehicel damage. Offer gratefully accepted.
Izzi Seccombe will take up with Michael Rogers of County Roads on our behalf.

Traffic calming:- Sarah Whalley is in the course of arranging a site meeting with Jagpreet Liddar to identify areas of improvement to Road furniure alongside the Fosse Way. She has been inhibited by only being able to contact via e mail but Izzi has passed on his telephone number to Sarah so she can expidite matters. Srah will hopefully be able to arrange for another Member of the P.C to accompany here on the visit.

District Councillor:- Penny-Anne O'Donnell. Penny apologised for the fact that the green waste project at District Council had been passed at Committee level meaning the all Parishioners will now be charged to dispose of green waste via Council pick up. Also Annual Budget for the District passed at the same Meeting.
She said discussions were ongoing in respect of plans and timing for Carbon Neutral target to be met.
Transport /travel improvements in Stratford-upon-Avon are on hold while Budgets are sorted out. She will update at next Meeting.

Planning:- All items on the Agenda agreed without comment.

Church Clock:- The mechanism for the chime for the Church clock is in disrepair and needs some remedial work. The Company who installed the clock years ago have been contacted and asked to rectify as soon as possible. An initial site visit has taken place and despite some remedial work being undertaken the problem remains outstanding. Negotiations are ongoing to agree pricing to complete the work. In the meantime the Council have formally agreed that they will fund the work up to 1000. Councillor Gale will continue to deal with this on behalf of Church and Council.

State of Road Signage throughout the Village.:-
Observations made that with awful Winter weather most of thes igns along the Fosse andvillage approaches are extremely dirty and unsightly. Councillor Whalley will get together a team to clean them. At the same time consideration will be given to establish some floral decoration to the approaches of the Village to improve the overall image.

Finally. Some succession planning will need to take place for when I stand down as Chairman at the Parish AGM. I will launch the Meeting and give a resume of work we have done over the year. I will then hand over to my successor.

Thanks to all who came along and contributed.

Date of next Meeting:- 6th May 2020 at 7.00pm in Halford Village Hall.
Nicholas Gale. Chairman Halford Parish Council.