Council Minutes - November 2020 (Zoom)



Meeting held on 4th November 2020 by Zoom at 7.30 p.m.
Meeting closed 8.20 p.m.
Cllrs Abernethy, Gale (Chair), Lewis and Whalley
Clerk: Karen Parnell
County Cllr Izzi Seccombe
No members of the public were present

1. Apologies
District Cllr Penny Anne O'Donnell and Cllr Ian Sloan

2. Declaration of Interests Councillors are asked to declare personal interests in any items on the agenda. Councillors are reminded that the code of conduct that took effect from May 2018 provides that should they have a prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion, they should withdraw from the room and not seek to influence a decision about the matter.

3. Approval of minutes of meeting held in September 2020
Minutes having been circulated were confirmed as an accurate record of the meeting held in September 2020 and were duly signed by the chairman.

4. Democratic 15 minutes
Not required

5. Matters arising and new matters

A) Village Maintenance
Works to a path will be progressed by WCC in due course.
Japonica Pride have attended to maintenance as required.

B) To consider a donation to Village Voices
The PC agreed to a 100.00 donation payable at the January meeting.

C) Traffic Calming - WCC Survey
Deferred to January PC meeting - Cllrs Whalley and Seccombe to liaise.

6. Planning
Application(s) reference: 20/02142/LBC

Proposed : Following the recent granting of a Certificate of lawfulness for a series of restoration and preservation works for prosed for this building, it was determined during that process that some of the proposed works required a Listed Building Consent.

This Listed Building Consent application covers these previous works along with further works that will further preserve the integrity and sustainability of the property. The works proposed will also ensure that the future operational use of the building is viable.

Given that these works are being self funded by the owner of the property, who lives close to the property in the same village with a passion for ensuring this buildings future, we hope that this is seen as a positive proposal.

In brief the works are described itemised as:

- Installation of wall tie system to secure untied wall
- Repairs of inappropriately sand cement pointing with suitable lime mortar pointing
- Installation of fixed pane traditional metal framed window in timber frame, whist retaining and repairing the existing unsecured timber shutter
- Replacement or overlay of existing floor in rear room
- Installation of Limecrete floor in Front room
- Installation of short chimney pot and cowl
- Repair of existing and installation of missing roof guttering and associated downpipes
- Lining and insulation to roof
- Installation of 3No. heritage roof lights
- Installation of toilet and basin pod
- Lime Plastering to selected walls

In a separate document supplied with this application, further details and full description of these works has been provided, along with referenced drawings, photographs and sketches.

At : The Forge , Queen Street, Halford, CV36 5BT
For : Mr Graham Black

Application(s) reference: 20/02803/TREE Proposed :
T1 and T2 - yew - Crown raise to 5m. Reduce elongated branches by 1-3m varying to balance crown. Remove dead wood.
At : Grasmere , Queen Street, Halford, CV36 5BT
For : Mr Tom Hamments Stockwell-Davies Ltd

Application(s) reference: 20/02879/TREE
Proposed : T1 - oak - Reduce elongated branches by 1-3m varying to balance crown and contain size. Remove epicormic growth from scaffolding and stems. Crown raise by 1m over buildings.
At : Oaktree Barn , Mill Lane, Halford, CV36 5BY
For : Mr Tom Hamments Stockwell-Davies Ltd.

7. Finance
Budget - Precept 2021/22
The budget was expounded upon by the Clerk and the precept for 2021 - 2022 was agreed unanimously by the Council to be set at 7,200 (No increase). Proposed: Cllr Gale - Seconded Cllr Lewis and agreed.
Levels of reserves were discussed.

8. Payments

Karen Parnell (Salary/Expenses) 450.00 Royal British Legion 40.00
Japonica Pride 112.50

Receipts: Precept 50% 3600.00

9. Report from Cllr Izzi Seccombe WCC:

2nd Lockdown
Current Covid We have just had the announcement of a second lock down for a period of a month starting from 5th November at midnight plus one min. There are some differences in this lock down and here are just a few.
Remaining open : Waste sites : Schools : Country Parks : Work places if you are unable to work from home : You can meet one other person outside : Garden centres
Closing : Libraries (we will retain click and collect) : Leisure centres : Shops that are not essential goods : Religious services with the exception of funerals : visits to Care Homes (window visits are permitted and end of life visits will be allowed)
For further information from the Government website :

In Warwickshire the infections rates have been increasing for some weeks now and the Stratford figure is 153 per 100,000 as of today (4/11/20), North Warwickshire is now 297 per 100,000. Warwick is 229 per 100,000. Rugby is 155 per 100,000 and Nuneaton & Bedworth 203 per 100,000. Our Hospital capacity is reducing with increasing numbers of admissions and last week Warwick Hospital was asked to start to take patients from Birmingham Hospitals. I have challenged this on the basis it is not appropriate for our own residents not to be admitted to Warwickshire Hospitals. I have asked why the Nightingale Hospital is not being opened.
Free School Meals:
Over the half term period, Warwickshire County Council confirmed they would support children through the week through the Warwickshire Welfare Scheme. We will ensure that this is continued through the Christmas period so no children in Warwickshire need to go hungry. The Welfare Scheme is accessible to families who find themselves in difficulties and at this time, are keeping a careful eye on the increasing number of vulnerable families.
Youth Support:

WCC is investing 800,000 over two years in a youth work fund for community organisations to bid into for projects that will:
? reduce antisocial behaviour in areas of high need
? combat alcohol abuse and hospital admissions
? increase prevention work around use of bladed weapons
? increase prevention work around county lines and child exploitation
? combat homelessness amongst young people
Community organisations will be able to bid for between 30-60,000 for services offering universal youth services ie to ALL young people regardless of religion, ethnic background etc.

Further details including help from officers on how to apply etc at:

Report from Cllr Penny-Anne O'Donnell SDC:

Public consultation on the SAP has started and SDC has circulated the link from SDC.
Today at Overview and Scrutiny we addressed delays in Land charges which are improving by the day.
The Gypsy and Traveller and Show People SPD which will now go to cabinet prior to public consultation and Waste and green bin charges which again are returning to Cabinet .

Meeting closed: 8.10pm

10. Date of next meeting: 7th January 2021 (By Zoom)

Signed: Chairman on 7th January 2021

Cllr Mike Lewis resigned towards the end of this meeting. SDC will be notified of the vacancy and Cllr Lewis was thanked for his service as a councillor and wished well for the future in his new chosen territory of Wiltshire.