Village History - Halford Life 1890-1900


With thanks to Pam Taylor you can see this document, compiled by BB Webb and produced by EPJ Cooke in 1967, which was once framed and hung in the church.
It was a map of Halford 1890-1900 with numbered locations showing where people lived. What is interesting are the accompanying notes that describe who lived in the Village. Particularly fascinating are the notes about some of those people : for instance -
"Daniel Lomas has hiccups from the age of 40 to 70. Doctors tried various treatments. He was told to drink coffee. On a quiet day he could be heard half a mile away. He hiccuped all night alternating with yawning"

(The headings 'Right Middle, Middle Middle etc' refer to the locations of the text boxes that were placed around the central map on the original picture.)

i hope that you will be able to see the original at the Halford Summer Party on 11th June 2016 , where there will be an archive display in the Village Hall.
Maggie Bannister


Download: Halford map 1890-1900 with notes